Ayaz Isazadeh
Letters of recommendations

Do you need a letter of recommendation in support of your application for admission to a graduate school?

·         If you have, or had, been a student of mine, then you can certainly ask me for a letter of recommendation, and I will definitely provide your university with my recommendation based on my understanding of your Intellectual Capacity, Skill at Research, Academic Preparation, Originality, and Overall Ability. However, my recommendation may not be useful for you, unless,


·         If this is the case with you, then I will gladly write your recommendation letter. Just send me an email, reminding me of all about the courses, projects, and academic activities you had with me.  Don't forget to remind me of the full title of your B.Sc. Project or M.Sc. Thesis, whichever applicable. And,

Good Luck

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Ayaz Isazadeh
May 2016