Ayaz Isazadeh
Monthly Seminars of my Graduate Students
and Collaborating Colleagues

Taking place generally on the last Wednesdays of every month, these seminars are intended to serve as brainstorming sessions for my Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. I expect these students (and collaborating colleagues) to consider the seminar dates as deadlines and milestones to prepare their work for presentations and discussions. To prepare for a seminar, everyone should work on his or her half-baked idea, discuss with the rest of the team, and try to formulate it as a well-defined topic, individually, or preferably as some related topics for a team of at least 2.  If you are already set with your topic, then you are expected to prepare a report of work-in-progress.

Depending on how advanced you are, you should prepare written and oral presentations of 5 to 15 minutes:

As a final note, I strongly recommend everyone to attend these seminars. Those who do not (or cannot) attend, however, should be advised that they would certainly have hard times making up for their absence!   Don't miss.

These seminars are now replaced by weekly or biweekly department seminars.

*** The page is left for historic purpose. ***


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Ayaz Isazadeh
May 16, 2016