CS Special Events


CS Spring Seminar: March 2016

Hosted by University College of Daneshvaran, this seminar went well, as scheduled.

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CS Spring Seminar: Panel Session with Sanya

Mach 27, 2016


Our next Special Event is a panel session with one of our CS alumni, Dr. Sanya Attari, who was an active student of mine during her Bachelorís and Masterís programs. Sanya went on and completed her PhD degree in VirginiaTech Department of Computer Science, USA, 2011. Currently in San Francisco Bay Area, working in US industry, including Cisco, Security Products, User Experience, and Human Computer Interaction.   She is now returning home, visiting family and friend, and will be in Tabriz during this Norooz holidays.

Based on her academic and industrial experiences, Iím sure Sanya has a lot to talk about; and our curious CSers have a lot of questions.  So letís get together with a warm welcome to Sanya; and for an exciting session of free discussion.

Sunday, March 27, 10:00 am

University College of Daneshvaran

Sabalan Alley, Baghmishe Blvd., Tabriz





Ayaz Isazadeh