Ayaz Isazadeh
Computer Systems

Computer Systems is an area of the 3 major areas in the field of Computer Science.  The other 2 areas are Theory of Computation and Applications.  A 4th area, called Multidisciplinary Studies, is also possible for students who are coming from other disciplines, or interested in taking their Computer Science abilities to work on other disciplines.  Graduate students in the fields of Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and IT, can also pursue Computer Systems as an area in their field of study.

Course Requirements for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the area of Computer Systems, and the subsequent General or Comprehensive Exam, if required, will be taken, basically, from the following list of advanced graduate courses:

1. Software Engineering  
2. Requirements Specifications & Design 
3. Software Design and Implementation 
4. Software Verification and Validation 
5. Software Engineering Environments 
6. Computer Architecture 
7. Parallel Languages and Architecture 
8. Programming Language Processors 
9. Computer Networks 
10. Operating Systems 
11. Topics in Computer Systems 
12. Topics in Software Systems 
13. Topics in Programming Languages 

For more information on different areas of study, the related courses, and their descriptions, see Overview of Graduate Courses and  Doctoral Degree Program of Queen's University School of Computing, for I follow a similar program for my students.

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Ayaz Isazadeh
July, 2008